7 Unmistakable Signs Your Partner Is Silently Abusing You

An abusive relationship causes long-term trauma, but it is not always easy to recognize. Here are seven signs that your partner is silently abusing you. 

Being in an abusive relationship is highly traumatizing. However, abuse in a romantic relationship is often difficult to recognize, as it is not always loud and physical.

In many cases, the abusive partner uses wicked mind games and intense manipulation, which affects the victim in the long run.

Many people fail to notice the abusive behavior of their loved ones and ignore the emotional hell they are living in. In this case, it is far more difficult to free themselves from the cage their love affair has confined them into.

They become blind to the fact that they have become a victim and forget that they do not deserve to be mentally abused and tortured in silence.

Psychologists and therapists explain that abusers know how to hide behind rhetoric in order to not be called out on their bad behavior, so victims of silent abuse are often easy to discredit.

Yet, what you need to remember is that you might be in an abusive relationship even when your partner is not yelling at you or hitting you.

If he hurts you, chips away at your self-esteem, ignores you, or hurts and controls you in any other way, you are not overreacting- you have become his victim.

Here are seven signs that you are in an abusive relationship


1. A smooth tone and a hushed volume are rarely interpreted as rudeness. Therefore, be cautious of the words of your partner, as he might be rude even when he does not raise his voice. You might get insulted without realizing it. The way your partner talks to you can reveal a lot about your relationship.

2. An abusive partner usually undermines the opinion of his significant other. Does your partner always regard your beliefs and perspective irrational? No, you might not be overly anxious, and probably, there IS something to worry about after all.

3. If your partner never carefully listens to what you have to say, he is not paying attention to your words and things that truly matter to you, you might need to consider leaving the relationship.

4. Your partner is always making you feel guilty. Even if you are not the one who has done a mistake, your partner manages to manipulate you and blame you for his mistakes. He holds you responsible for all the problems in your relationship. By intentionally manipulating and guilting their partners, abusers can easily control their emotions.

5. Love provides shelter from the cruel world outside. Your relationship should make you feel safe and protected, and never fearful. If you feel afraid of your loved one, his anger and reactions, your relationship might need to end, if you want to find real love.

6. Sometimes, the jokes of your partner might actually reveal his real opinion about you. Do you feel his jokes and remarks get too harsh at times? If his humor is sarcastic and hurting you, emphasizing your imperfections and lowering your self-esteem, you might be in an abusive relationship.

7. An abusive partner often gets distant and starts ignoring his victim when he doesn’t get what he wants. If your partner gives you the cold shoulder when he realizes he cannot benefit from you, your relationship is far from a healthy one.

Take your time to evaluate your relationship. If you believe it is not possible to be fixed, walk away to heal from it, and start seeking love again.

Ending it is never easy, but it would be far easier than spending a lifetime with someone that will eventually ruin you completely.

Love may be blind, but it always finds the way.

Source: www.yourtango.com