A Californian man who had been missing for over two weeks after a three-day planned hiking trip was found alive this week at the southwestern edge of  Yosemite National Park.

Adam Lebrewsky, 27, was found by rescuers this week after he managed to travel 26 miles with a broken ankle and no food for 13 days.

Lebrewsky who had injured himself during the hike had taken refuge in a cave where little did he know a mountain lion was already living with her cubs.

Lebrewsky claims he was held captive by the mountain lion who refused to let him leave the cave but did not harm him in any fashion.

The young man also alleges that the female cougar mistook him for a sexual partner and forced itself upon him on several occasions.

Yosemite Park Ranger, Kathleen Heinz, believes that the reproductive instincts and sexual arousal of the mountain lion may have saved Adam Lebrewsky’s life.

“One thing led to another and I found myself having sexual intercourse with a 200-pound full grown female cougar,” the young man told reporters, visibly amused by the situation.

Lebrewsky claims that the female mountain lion forcibly rubbed its genitals onto him on numerous occasions and that he felt compelled to give her an orgasm, fearing for his life.

“If I didn’t give her what she wanted, she would get really aggressive and all, but as I told a friend: I’ve had worst sex in my life with human beings,” he added, laughingly.

Although Lebrewsky’s fiancé did not take so kindly to the news, he says she is happy that he is healthy and well and that she does not consider what happened as cheating, under these particular circumstances, and that their wedding plans are still scheduled for this summer.