Nearly naked woman leads police on high-speed chase

A “nearly fully unclothed” 24-year-old Florida woman led Florida Highway Patrol in a southbound pursuit that reached speeds of 110 mph, according to Tampa news station WFLA. ‘Completely naked’ Minnesota woman arrested for masturbating in someone else’s car » The Interstate 75 chase reportedly spanned several counties before moving onto a state road, where cops used … Read more

Bella Thorne, 23, Gets Flirty Rocking an Unbuttoned Shirt & Short Shorts in New Instagram Video

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Do You Know What The Shape Of Your Belly Button Says About Your Health?? If No, Then You Must Read This Immediately

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Spoiled Kid Took 3 Subway Seats While His Mom Ignored it – Then a Man Decided to Teach Him a Lesson He’ll Never Forget

For some people driving isn’t an option. That’s right – public transportation is better for many than the hassle of owning and driving a car, saving people time and money. Traveling by bus or subway, though, means that you might have to deal with disrespectful individuals at times. Some passengers, for instance, refuse to give up … Read more