Woman caught on camera straddling a bubbler in busy Cairns CBD

by San Eli News

A woman has been filmed engaging in disturbing behaviour in the middle of a bustling CBD in Queensland.

The shocking video appears to show an unidentified woman straddling a water bubbler in the middle of the popular holiday spot in Cairns, with the footage sparking outrage after it was posted to social media.

A different woman is seen turning on the fountain while the woman in question, who is wearing a skirt, sits on top of it and laughs.

The incident is particularly outrageous given it’s school holidays, with the area popular among tourists, families and children.

The footage was posted on Good Friday on the account of a man named Terrie Collins, who wrote in the caption: “Is it normal to have a freshen up on the drink tap girls. Or is this just a cairns (sic) thing.”

He added: “The tap seems to have directions on the pole behind it but maybe they can’t even read pictures.”

One angry Facebook user urged the video to be spread wider, saying: “Someone put this up on the news little kids gotta drink from that.”

Another said: “Disrespectful young woman, no shame putting her h**e up in the water fountain. Yuck.”

Most were just in disbelief.

“What did my eyes just see …,” one user wrote, with another saying: “WTF?????”

One person claims to know who the two girls are, saying they are not tourists and live locally.

It comes after news surfaced last weekend of another incident in Queensland which saw two girls behaving inappropriately outside a Brisbane restaurant.

Three women, aged in their 20s, had enjoyed a boozy Sunday lunch together on James Street near the city’s party quarter known as Fortitude Valley in early March.

At about 3pm, the trio stumbled out of the up-market Hellenika restaurant.

Moments later, passers-by were treated to an unorthodox sex show in the middle of the street, with the women performing sex acts on each other in broad daylight.