A 4-month-old Utah boy was kidnapped by his babysitter who fled with him to Colorado, where she was taken into custody 580 miles away in Denver.

Peyton Everett Caraballo, the boy Winston’s mother called Cedar City police at about 10 p.m. Friday, telling them that she had allowed all three of her children to remain the night with their babysitter, who was to return them Friday morning.

But the babysitter, identified as Emily Marissa Luciano, made continual excuses about her delay in returning the youngsters.

When police investigated, they found that Luciano had dropped the older children — ages 5 and 1 — “with a third-party” and brought Peyton together with her to Colorado.

Utah officials issued an AMBER Alert for the infant and located and returned the opposite two children to their mother.

Investigators said they were in touch with Luciano via text and telephone, but “she consistently provided deceitful and inconsistent statements to officers and wasn’t cooperative with the investigation,” police said.

Working with the FBI and therefore the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, detectives found Luciano at Denver International Airport, where she was taken into custody, and Peyton was found safe and unharmed.

The babysitter, Luciano is being held without bond at Denver’s Downtown prison awaiting further proceedings.

As per the mother’s Facebook page, all three children are back in her custody.