Two Teen Babysitters Are Facing Charges After They Filmed Themselves Letting a Toddler Use a Vaping Device

A 2-year-old boy’s mom is “disgusted” after she learned the babysitter she hired to watch her child let him use her vaping device.

According to People, the public learned about the incident after the 17-year-old babysitter shared a video of the toddler using the vape pen on Snapchat. The teenager claimed that the child found the vape pen on a nearby nightstand and grabbed it.

However, instead of taking the device away from the toddler, she allowed him to use it while she recorded it happening. The incident, according to WPXI, took place on January 9 and left the child in a coughing fit and tears. The teen was also accompanied by an 18-year-old friend.

The Pennsylvania State Police were alerted to the video via an anonymous tip source. The authorities said in a press release that the vape pen did “not contain THC but did contain three percent nicotine.”

“The Troop A, Indiana Criminal Investigation Unit is aware of a video and is investigating the related incident in which a 2-year-old child was given a vaping device. The involved persons and child have been identified and charges are pending.”

Furious Mom Speaks Out After Babysitter Allegedly Let Her Toddler Son Vape

The child’s mom has since spoken out about the incident. She told WPXI, “I’m disgusted. I’m very upset. I’m in disbelief they’d even laugh or have it in reach of a child’s possession.”

The mom admitted that the incident has destroyed her trust. “I’m not trusting anybody anymore to babysit my child. I’m done. I don’t even want to put him in daycare. I can’t trust anybody anymore.”

According to Harvard, teens are more likely to use e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes. However, while users claim vaping is a healthier alternative, “nearly 200 e-cigarette users have developed severe lung disease in 22 states and the numbers keep rising. Most cases were among teens and young adults.”

The teenagers have been indentified but their identities have not been released to the public. Charges are currently pending against both of the teenagers present in the video. However, it’s unclear what those charges may be.

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