Single Mom On The Verge of Homelessness Builds $10K Tiny Home And Avoids Taking $300K Mortgage

Life always throws us curveballs, and in order to be able to get ourselves back on track, we have to swing just right. This Australian mom found herself in a bit of a mess when her marriage started collapsing and she had two little kids to care for.

She rejected the option of draining her minimal funds to get a house with a mortgage. Instead, for just $10,000, she designed her own mini-house. This motivated single mom’s tiny home in Ballarat placed a roof over the head of her family while saving them money at the same time.

Charlotte lived in the home of her parents, but she wanted to be living in her own home. Also, she wanted to free herself from the financial difficulties that come with buying a house.

And she found the perfect solution to this issue. Here’s how.

Five months later, in her grandfather’s backyard, Charlotte built her tiny house. This hasn’t been an easy trip. For months before work was finished in 2017, Charlotte and her sons, aged two and six, lived without basic facilities.

The grandfather assisted by providing her with a loan and an area to work in his yard. With his generosity, without too much financial hardship, the single mom’s tiny home was completed.

There are three rooms in the tiny home: the nursery for boys, a toilet, and the main area that includes the bedroom and kitchen for Charlotte. She is grateful that her children have been able to have a private room of their own. After everything they’ve done to help her with the building, she thinks they deserve it.


Although it was more a requirement to create a small home than a fun hobby, Charlotte was motivated by the experience of taking on another similar project. She also has ideas for those dreaming about making a tiny home of their own.

Charlotte did not think she was going to be able to build a house of her own. The notion of her grandfather sounded kinda crazy to her. She failed her Year 9 woodwork class after all. However, she was able to do what she once felt was unlikely, despite that.