Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise of Top Gun were honored by The U.S. Navy

The movie Top Gun which was first released in the year 1986 was a hit and stated Tom Cruise as a star. The real-life-action and thrill amazed the viewers, the military aerial combat shown was never shown and was never expected. The movie had a great impact on the viewers making no doubt that everyone was waiting for the sequel. Finally, the part has gained green light, and we all will soon see the sequel.

As we all have to wait for the movie, the U.S. Navy isn’t waiting to thank producer Jerry and Tom Cruise for showing their great contributions to Naval Aviation. The U.S. Navy started the Honorary Naval Aviator Program in the year 1949 to recognize the contributors of those outside of Naval Aviation to the cause.

The award has been only given to 34 and now Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer are 35 and 36 respectively. They received the same Wings of Gold that are actually given to the Naval Aviators.

Jerry Bruckheimer received the award in person whereas Tom Cruise attended virtually. Tom is working on another project due to which he’s in Europe. Bob Hope was the first actor to receive the award for his contributions to keeping up the morale of Naval Aviation. Hope was awarded in the year 1986, May 8.

The statement released by the Navy, Top Gun as a film made a “profound positive impact” on recruitment within Naval Aviation.