New Zealanders Share Pics Of What A ‘Hellhole’ Their Country Is As A Response To Trump And His Supporters Interview

by San Eli News

New Zealand is paradise on Earth but some think that it’s hell. By all accounts, New Zealand has done a great job in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. However, after 102 days of being Covid-19 free, the country has had a minor second outbreak.

There are some critics, including US President Donald Trump and some of his supporters, who believe that things are now ‘over’ for New Zealand. Meanwhile, a Twitter account called No Lockdown called the country an authoritarian ‘hellhole’ in a post.

However, the citizens of the Shire–errr, I mean, New Zealand–didn’t let this get them down and responded with a wave of over-the-top sarcasm. Kiwis started posting tweets about how ‘horrible’ life in their country is and got the #NZHellhole hashtag trending. Scroll down, have a read, and upvote your fave comeback posts.