Mom’s ‘Biggest Fear’ Realized After Diabetic Daughter’s Blood Sugar Drops While At a Sleepover

by San Eli News

A small town in Pennsylvania offered up their last prayer for a 10-year-old girl who was found unresponsive at a sleepover on Sunday morning.

The community gathered at Laurel Elementary School for a vigil to support Sophia Daughterty’s family and pray for her recovery after a diabetic episode on Saturday reports, New Castle News.

Last weekend, the girl, who suffered from Type 1 diabetes, suffered from brain swelling after her blood sugar dramatically dropped at a friend’s house. Daughterty was immediately rushed to UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh after her hypoglycemic attack.

Staff and students at her elementary school are now mourning her loss after the 10-year-old died Wednesday, reports WPXI.
In an update posted to her GoFundMe page, Risa Klenovich Barker wrote:

We lost sweet Sophia.

She went home to heaven on Wednesday September 19, 2018 at 3:44 pm. She was surrounded by her family and friends. She no longer suffers from this disease. Your prayers and support are priceless.

Commenters following the story shared their condolences after the medical crisis.

Those suffering from the disease that affects 1.25 million Americans said it’s important for people educate themselves about the dangers of Type 1 diabetes.

Daugherty’s tragedy serves as a reminder about the health risks associated with the condition.

People reacted to the fifth grader’s death in the New Castle comment section:

Being a 35 yr old living with T1D the past 15 years … The angst of always wondering ‘what if?’ What if I miss a dose … Living with T1D and being the primary care-giver for my family  everyday I live in fear. As much as we educate ourselves and our bodies there will always be mishaps and uncontrollable incidents.

RIP sweet sugar baby!! Our biggest fear as a type 1 parent is to lose our babies to such a nasty awful disease. I am one of those type 1 moms and we need a cure now!!

As a type one diabetic and the mother of a type one diabetic every day is a challenge and every night I worry about my daughter and if she will make it through the night. We need a cure and we need it quickly. No one can ever realize how quickly things can happen …I have been rushed to the hospital twice from low blood sugar and I thought that could never happen to me….

According to the American Diabetes Association, with Type 1 diabetes, the body can’t produce insulin, which is needed to transfer glucose from carbohydrates into the bloodstream for energy.

Insulin therapy and other treatments can help patients manage their condition.