Mom Is Arrested for Sharing Video of Fight That Took Place at Her Son’s School

A Louisiana mom is taking action after she was arrested for sharing a video of two students fighting.

Inside Edition reports that Maegan Adkins-Barras’ son, Dylan, is a student at Acadiana High School in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The mom says, in late February, Dylan found the video of the two male students fighting on social media and showed it to her. In the video, the boys can be seen exchanging blows before one of them falls and hits his head on a nearby bench.

In response, Adkins-Barras became upset. She reposted the video on her Facebook page with the caption:

“This should not be happening. Why do we have to worry so much about our kids at school?”

However, the next day, the mother was surprised when she received a call asking her to come to the school. When she arrived, she was arrested and taken to jail.

Adkins-Barras recalled:

 “I was terrified, I did cry. I don’t think I’m to blame, we see this every day.”

Further, she said she was “in shock” because she “wasn’t expecting it.” Police charged her with unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity.

Her attorney, Clay Burgess, told Inside Edition:

“In terms of off the charts and bizarness, this story is off the charts.”

Although all charges were dropped, Adkins-Barras intends to sue over the arrest.