Mom Birthed ‘First Baby Born in 2019’ in a Car. Days Later, She’s Caught Selling Meth out of That Same Car

A North Carolina mom, who gained attention for birthing Gaston County’s first baby of 2019 in a moving car, faces charges for running a drug operation out of that same vehicle.

The Gaston Gazette reports Jessica Dawn Killian, 32, was arrested outside of the Econo Lodge motel Tuesday morning. Police say Killian had 36 grams of meth, baggies, and scales in her possession.

Jessica Dawn Killian/ Gaston County Sheriff’s Office

Police believe she planned to manufacture, sell, and deliver the drugs using her 2011 Chevrolet Cruze.

But just three weeks prior, Killian gave birth to her son, Atom Bomb Sain, in that same car.

She and her boyfriend, Randy “Earl” Sain, were featured on various news platforms regarding her roadside labor.

According to the Gaston Gazette, Killian told reporters how happy she was Sain was there to catch their son, as she pushed him out in the passenger seat of the Chevy.

As the Gaston Gazette reports, the mother of four previously said:

If he wouldn’t have been there, there’s no telling what would’ve happened to Atom. He could’ve went to the floorboard or anything could’ve happened to him. He pulls over, jumps over to my side and basically caught him as he was coming down.”

her son’s birth, Killian said:

He really did come out like a bomb.”

However, the mother’s time with her newborn son has now been cut short.

As the Gaston Gazette reports, Killian faces felony counts of trafficking in methamphetamine, possession with the intent to manufacture, sell, and deliver methamphetamine, and maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance.

She has also been charged with a misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Paternal grandmother, Theresa Sain, declined to comment on who is caring for her grandson but said :

Atom’s in good hands.”

In addition to her most recent charges, Killian also has pending charges from December for possessing and manufacturing drugs.

She remains in custody at the Gaston County Jail under a $75,000 bond.