Long ear hair! It can be a sign of THIS fatal disease

by San Eli News
Long ear hair! It can be a sign of THIS fatal disease

If you find hair in your ear BEWARE. It’s a warning sign you should never ignore.

One of the scariest things to think about for anybody that is alive currently is doing what you do everyday, then suddenly feeling a pain in your chest and realizing that you are having a heart attack, and if something is not done, you may be breathing your last breaths right then and there.

There is little that can be done to predict a heart attack aside from close monitoring of how your heart beats along with your lifestyle, diet, and how much you exercise.

Knowing about and predicting heart attacks can save many lives, as well as give some people a peace of mind as to how they stand health wise.

Lucky for doctors and patients, there has been a new way of predicting what a person’s vulnerability to having a heart attack truly is. There are no fancy tests or diet analysis needed, but only a simply look inside of your ear to make the decision.

Doctors have found that if you can see a little crease in your earlobe, that means you are at higher risk for getting cancer. This is not because of some effect that the ear has on the heart, but rather because a strong correlation has been found by Dr. Edston E. who published a study in 2006 that linked the crease in the earlobe to getting heart disease.

The trend was first mentioned in 1973 by Dr. Sanders T. Frank, when him and his team first linked the appearance of an ear lobe crease with heart disease.

This has been accepted as a valid way for predicting heart disease because of the fact that a big contributing factor as to whether you get the disease or not is genetic. People can be genetically pre-disposed to die of a heart attack, and there isn’t much that they can do about that.

If you want to know if you are genetically pre-disposed to get heart disease, then you can check for the genetic patters that are found all throughout people who get heart disease.

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One of the most telltale, specific, and recently discovered ones has been the crease in the earlobe, however there are other signs to look out for as well.

In fact, some of these factors are actually quite common in many aging people, which is why a factor like hair loss can not be extremely accurate when predicting heart disease.

There are so many outside factors that can influence your hair loss that it can make it less effective than the prediction that studying one’s crease in the earlobe can give.

If you find any of these factors on your body, don’t worry because they are not a 100% guarantee that you will find yourself getting shocked by a defibrillator sometime in the near future; they are just mild prediction techniques.