Here Is Why Prince Harry Will Take Paternity Test For Archie’s Sake

The rumors of Prince Harry being an illegitimate child of Princess Diana and his father not being Prince Charles, has been around for the longest time.

Tabloids have written several epithets of the story and although the palace has fervently denied this, Princess Diana’s answer in her Panorama interview with Martin Bashir still resonates up until this day.

According to tabloid Woman’s Day, Meghan Markle is ‘pushing’ Prince Harry to take a paternity test to really know if he is the son of the future King of England.

The continuous mystery of Prince Harry’s real father has been trending in the News once again as Princess Diana’s Panorama interview celebrates its 25 years.

During the interview, Prince Harry’s royal mother mentioned that she was very much in love with the dashing cavalry officer James Hewitt, who ended up being rumored as Harry’s true father.

Several royal experts pointed out Hewitt’s similarity with Harry and Harry’s hair being mentioned as a clear sign that he is a ‘bastard.’

According to insiders, these rumors have hurt Charles’s relationship with Harry as it has kept a big question mark above their head. Charles also had to assure young Harry that he was his real son and not Hewitt’s.

Many believe that Meghan’s reason for pushing Harry to take a DNA test is not to prove that her husband is a real royal but instead, the Duchess wished that Harry is Hewitt’s son.

Gossip Cop reports that this would be easier for Meghan Markle if the DNA test truly proves that Hewitt is Harry’s father. Both she and Harry will live in peace if Prince Harry will no longer be a royal.

The report continues by saying that Charles is unsure that Harry is his and that the Prince even volunteered to get a DNA test once but was forbidden by the Queen.

If also proven that Prince Charles is not Prince Harry’s real father, this will make the life of Archie Harrison much easier, and according to the tabloid, Harry might get the test for the sake of Archie.

Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left the royal folds back in March and are already living as ‘private citizens,’ but they have yet to drop their titles.

The Queen has mandated that they are still Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but this meant that they are still not free from the constitution.

Meghan Markle’s wishes for a DNA test could give them that freedom.