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Here Is Why Prince Harry Will Take Paternity Test For Archie’s Sake



The rumors of Prince Harry being an illegitimate child of Princess Diana and his father not being Prince Charles, has been around for the longest time.

Tabloids have written several epithets of the story and although the palace has fervently denied this, Princess Diana’s answer in her Panorama interview with Martin Bashir still resonates up until this day.

According to tabloid Woman’s Day, Meghan Markle is ‘pushing’ Prince Harry to take a paternity test to really know if he is the son of the future King of England.

The continuous mystery of Prince Harry’s real father has been trending in the News once again as Princess Diana’s Panorama interview celebrates its 25 years.

During the interview, Prince Harry’s royal mother mentioned that she was very much in love with the dashing cavalry officer James Hewitt, who ended up being rumored as Harry’s true father.

Several royal experts pointed out Hewitt’s similarity with Harry and Harry’s hair being mentioned as a clear sign that he is a ‘bastard.’

According to insiders, these rumors have hurt Charles’s relationship with Harry as it has kept a big question mark above their head. Charles also had to assure young Harry that he was his real son and not Hewitt’s.

Many believe that Meghan’s reason for pushing Harry to take a DNA test is not to prove that her husband is a real royal but instead, the Duchess wished that Harry is Hewitt’s son.

Gossip Cop reports that this would be easier for Meghan Markle if the DNA test truly proves that Hewitt is Harry’s father. Both she and Harry will live in peace if Prince Harry will no longer be a royal.

The report continues by saying that Charles is unsure that Harry is his and that the Prince even volunteered to get a DNA test once but was forbidden by the Queen.

If also proven that Prince Charles is not Prince Harry’s real father, this will make the life of Archie Harrison much easier, and according to the tabloid, Harry might get the test for the sake of Archie.

Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left the royal folds back in March and are already living as ‘private citizens,’ but they have yet to drop their titles.

The Queen has mandated that they are still Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but this meant that they are still not free from the constitution.

Meghan Markle’s wishes for a DNA test could give them that freedom.

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Tesla Model 3 Saves Owner and Six Cats During Texas’ Deep Freeze and Blackouts



Tesla Model 3 Saves Owner and Six Cats During Texas' Deep Freeze and Blackouts-- Turning on Your Heater

Tesla Model 3 was able to save many car owners’ lives, including one family and their six cats. Texas suffers from frigid temperatures and rolling blackouts.

A Tesla Model 3, whose owner said he was curious to see the site, stands where the newly-announced Tesla Gigafactory is planned at Freienbrink on November 14, 2019 in Gruenheide, Germany. Elon Musk, CEO of U.S. electric automaker Tesla, announced two days ago that Tesla will build a European Gigafactory outside Berlin at Gruenheide, not far from the BER Willy Brandt Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport. The factory would be Tesla’s fourth and is to produce car batteries, parts and the Model 3 and Model Y cars.

Pete Holguin, a Tesla Model 3 owner, said that his electric vehicle was charged 90% before the Texas snowstorm arrived, making it possible for his Tesla Model 3 to help them, including their six feline pets, during the sudden deep freeze.

“When the temperature inside the house dipped below 50F, my wife and I put our six cats in their carriers and stacked them in the back seat of the EV in the garage. We have six rescue cats ranging in age from 3 to 16 years old,” explained Holguin via Electrek.

“The temperature in the garage was 33F. We ran the heater for eight hours in Camp mode one night and we were able to sleep in comfort at 69 degrees,” he added.

How Tesla Model 3 saved them

Holguin said that they only used 17% of their Tesla Model 3’s battery life within eight hours. He added that he and his family didn’t recharge their electric vehicle for three nights.

Tesla Model 3 Saves Owner and Six Cats During Texas' Deep Freeze and Blackouts-- Turning on Your Heater

(Photo : Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Tesla cars are displayed at a showroom in the Meatpacking district in Manhattan on June 6, 2018 in New York City. Tesla stock had its best day since November 2015 on Wednesday rising more than 9.5 percent after the company revealed it is nearing its Model 3 weekly production rate. Also, in a vote shareholders backed Elon Musk as chairman and CEO.

During the sudden Texas deep freeze, his garage’s temperature was 33F, thanks to his Tesla Model 3. He said that his car heater could heat their electric vehicle up to 69 degrees, allowing them to sleep in comfort even if the temperature outside is extremely cold.

On the other hand, another Tesla EV owner also relied on his car to survive during the storm. He said that he charged up both of his Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model X SUV to 90%.

He added that they activated their cars’ heaters so that they can sleep and spend the night until the temperature outside went back to normal.

Turning on your Tesla’s heater

According to NewsBytes‘ previous report, Tesla already updated its mobile app to allow the users to turn their cars’ heaters even when they are not using them. This means that they can activate it even if they are staying inside their house. This is a pretty useful feature since their cars can be warm inside before they even get inside it. All you need to do is go to your Tesla mobile app and search for your car’s heater.

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Bitcoin mining company Cipher to go public via $2 billion SPAC merger with Good Works



Newly formed bitcoin mining operation Cipher Mining Technologies announced it will go public in a merger with blank-check company Good Works Acquisition. The deal values the combined entity at $2 billion.

The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2021. Upon closing, the combined companies will be named Cipher Mining and will trade under the Nasdaq ticker symbol CIFR.

The deal is expected to give the combined companies $595 million in gross cash proceeds, which includes a $425 million PIPE (private investment in public equity) from investors such as Fidelity Management & Research Company and Counterpoint Global, a unit of Morgan Stanley.

“We were attracted to Cipher Mining as we believe the Bitcoin mining space represents a compelling way to gain risk-adjusted exposure to the growing crypto ecosystem,” said Good Works Co-Chairman Doug Wurth in a statement.

Cipher Mining is a subsidiary of Bitfury Top HoldCo B.V or Bitfury Group. Since 2011, the Bifury Group has been a provider of bitcoin mining hardware and other blockchain software and services.

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Oprah Finally Answers – This is Probably the Worst Guest I’ve Had on the Show in 25 Years



During the pandemic, people are talking more than ever. With fewer things to do, podcasts and television shows with an interview format have become soapboxes for celebrities looking to spill the beans. While Hoda and Kathie Lee Gifford were eager to talk about the worst guest they ever hosted on the Today Show, Oprah Winfrey has now come forward to share the worst guest she ever encountered throughout her decades of talk show experience. Oprah filmed 25 seasons and more than 2,500 episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show. During that time, she welcomed a lot of people onto the program, but one guest stood out from all the rest as being the absolute worst of the bunch.

During an appearance on Harry, the host Harry Connick Jr. pulled some delightful information from Oprah that will surprise many of you. While talking to him, Oprah revealed some of the most disturbing secrets she had previously kept closed away inside of herself.

While Oprah did not name names, she did tell details about some of the most disturbing guests she had on her show throughout the years. The topic came up because Harry Connick Jr. knew how to push Oprah’s buttons and get her to talk about the controversial subject.

“Has anyone been particularly annoying, where you’re just like, ‘Gosh, I can’t wait for this person to leave?’” Connick Jr. asked.

Oprah jumped at the chance to speak.

“Well, you know, the worst kind of guest—you’ve had this, too—is when you ask them a question, and they start talking about 1975, and then you think.”

Although Orpah opened with a PC answer, she soon got into the juicier details.

“The other worst guest, for me, are those who think whatever it is they’re talking about is so spectacular, and you know it’s not,” she said.

Whenever Oprah had a guest like that, she’d employ one of her most famous catchphrases, “Wow!

Oprah admitted that her least favorite guest was a lawyer who got onto her show to promote a book.

“He mentioned the book 29 times. That’s after I started counting,” Winfrey explained. “Every sentence started. ‘In my book, in my book, and if you buy my book.’”

She added, “Finally, around the third segment, I said, ‘We all know the name of the book. The audience, tell him the name of the book…so you don’t have to say the name of the book anymore.’ After that, we started having conversations.”Throughout the years, Oprah has had some shocking moments with her guests. Among them are when Tom Cruise gushed about his girlfriend at the time, Katie Holmes. Instead of promoting his latest movie, he simply talked about his love and even jumped on the couch in excitement. James Frey, the author who faked his drug-fueled memoir, A Million Little Pieces, was eaten alive when Oprah found out his book was filled with lies.

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