Girl rescued after she was swept to sea on giant inflatable unicorn

A young girl had to be rescued by ferry workers after she was swept out to sea on a giant inflatable unicorn.

Believed to be aged four or five, the girl floated about 800 metres away from the Greek coast she and her parents were visiting over the weekend.

She had been playing in the ocean, off the town of Antirio in the Gulf of Corinth, when she bobbed out to sea, with her panicked parents calling on a local ferry to retrieve her after they realised she had drifted off.

Footage of the incident showed the ferry captain spotting and slowly approaching the youngster who remained calm throughout the incident while atop her blow-up magical creature.

The video then showed the moment she and her unicorn were safely plucked from the ocean and rescued by the boat’s team.

According to the Greek City Times, she was handed safely over to her worried parents.

It follows reports by local media that the same ferry boat, Salaminomachos, recently rescued an elderly man from the ocean who was swept away by the currents in the area while floating on a blow-up mattress.

A similar incident also occurred earlier this month in North Wales, when a six-year-old boy had to be flown to hospital after reportedly being swept out to sea on an inflatable swan.

The little boy was found facedown and unconscious in the water by a builder, who swam off the coast of Black Rock Sands to rescue him.