3 Women Allow Their Kids To Be Sexually Assaulted In Exchange For Drugs And Money

by San Eli News

Three Ohio women have been arrested after allegedly trading multiple children between the ages of 3 and 13 for drugs and money. Magan Richmond, 32, of Portsmouth, Tasha Stringer, 37, of Wheelersburg, and Kathryn McMullen, 36, of South Webster, were all charged with felony rape in the horrific crime and were held at Scioto County jail on a $100,000 bond, ABC6 reports.

1. THE EVIDENCE AGAINST THE WOMEN WAS OVERWHELMING.According to Captain John W. Murphy, photos and videos were taken of the children, all of whom had been sexually assaulted by multiple people at a house in Wheelersburg.

2. THE ARRESTS LED TO THE UNCOVERING OF A PEDOPHILE RING.Larry Dean Porter, 69, was arrested in addition to the three women, leading investigators to dig further into other potential abuse. Porter was caught offering $80 for access to a 7-year-old girl on Facebook, according to the Department of Justice, and it was later discovered that he was in possession of multiple flash drives with child abuse content on it. Not only that, but he would offer illegal narcotics to addicts in exchange for access to their children.

3. THE MOTHERS THEMSELVES TOOK PART IN THE CRIMES.Another one of Porter’s methods to cover his own back was to force addicts to participate in the molestation and abuse of their own children so that he could film it to use as blackmail should they ever threaten to expose him. Richmond, Stringer, and McMullen were all said to have molested their own children in addition to other pedophiles at the house.

4. IN TOTAL, NINE PEOPLE WERE ARRESTED IN THE CASE.Two of them were Porter’s daughters, 32-year-old Denna Sue Porter and 39-year-old Crystal D. Porter, who were seen going back and forth to their father’s property and digging holes, one of which was later found to contain a memory card containing child porn shot in Porter’s bedroom.

5. HOPEFULLY, ALL OF THOSE INVOLVED SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES BEHIND BARS.These are sickening crimes that need to be punished. Hopefully the children who were abused are also able to get help to process their trauma and are placed with loving family members who will keep them safe moving forward.