Woman Gets Choked Up Seeing Her Dog Who Was Stolen From Her Yard 2 Years Prior

Volunteers from a shelter in Ukraine found an adorable blue-eyed dog who was confused and disheveled. He was malnourished, and had a skin infection that caused him to lose some hair.

They weren’t sure if he had always been a stray, or if he once belonged to someone, but they knew if he did belong to someone that he had been lost for quite some time due to the way he looked. They took him in and did their best to nurse him back to health from the inside out. They then posted his pictures on Facebook in the hopes that someone would either recognize him or want to adopt him.

People from all over the world shared the post. Two days later, they received a call from a woman who saw their pictures and said the dog looked very similar to her dog who had been stolen from her backyard two years prior. The woman traveled to the shelter, where she would know once and for all of this dog was her missing best friend.

It was! The dog, who is named Lord, was so happy to see his mom again and clearly had never forgotten her. He stood up and placed his giant paws on her shoulders, smothering her in kisses. Thanks to the rescue, and all of the people sharing the post, Lord was successfully reunited with his family!

Watch their heartwarming reunion in the video below:

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv