Woman Breastfeeds Her Friend’s Baby And Says She Has No Regrets

“My best friend of ten years gave birth to her first child about eight weeks ago. She never wanted kids, and she disconnected from her pregnancy and never really connected to the baby after he was born, either. She has really bad postpartum depression, so I’ve been trying to help. However, I gave birth to my second child about two weeks after she had her baby, so I’m needed at home with my family.”

Although this mom tried her best to help, she may have taken things too far.
“I could tell she was getting stressed, so I offered to take the baby for a day so she could have downtime. She brought him over, and we put the babies together. Her son has a really bad digestion problem, so he can’t ingest regular formula, only breastmilk or special formula. She doesn’t breastfeed, so he takes the special formula. I asked her if she had packed diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and bottles in his diaper bag, and she said yes. Then she left.”
The struggling mother was not correct. She had not supplied the friend with everything she would need to care for the infant.
“For the first three hours everything was fine, the babies chilled out together, we all played, I put on some music and danced around for them,” the mom wrote on Reddit. “I went to fix him a bottle and realized she hadn’t packed his formula. When I asked if she had packed bottles, she answered literally, but I never specified if she packed formula as well, I thought it was given.”

She called the mother repeatedly but was ignored.
“I couldn’t go to the store and get a jar of formula because she didn’t leave me his car seat, and I only had my infant’s seat,” she wrote. “My older child is 7 and doesn’t need an infant seat anymore. I don’t know my neighbors, and other than my husband, I don’t have family in the area.”
The baby was completely hungry.
“At this point, the baby was crying and screaming so hard I thought he might get sick or hurt,” she continued.

The friend decided to breastfeed the baby. It was “completely healthy” and “the baby was not at risk for anything.” This is true, but the mom was furious when she returned home.
“I remained calm, but told her that she can’t leave her child with someone and not answer when that person calls and texts, because it might actually be a serious emergency; and that she also hadn’t packed any of the baby’s special formula,” the poster recalled. “I told her how badly he got upset and how worried I was, so I breastfed him myself.”
Then the mom blew her lid.
“She freaked out on me and accused me of some horrible things and then left,” the woman shared. “She blocked me on social media, something I learned when a mutual friend told me Best Friend was saying some awful things about me online. I don’t know what to do, I can’t even talk to her about this.”

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