[VIRAL] Stunning Snow Photos Show Australia’s ‘Coldest Day of the Year’

by San Eli News

Australia is currently covered in snow as New South Wales’ “coldest day of the year” arrives in the state, delivering hail and icy winds that sweep across Victoria. Many Australians woke up to thick snow surroundings this weekend.

(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @LouSmorrels)Australians Woke Up to Snow Thick Weekend As Hail and Icy Winds Sweep Across the State

Snow in my backyard in a capital city in Australia- and thats the ocean out there. pic.twitter.com/DLiyMhMeX8 — Lou-Smorrels (@LouSmorrels) August 22, 2020

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The residents posted the photos on social media, revealing the snow and white-blanketed areas’ scenes of flurries. The temperatures in NSW’s parts dropped to 10C, which is below average, as an Antarctic air mass spreads across the country’s east.
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20mm of the white snow, falling in some locations, was experienced by dozens of cities and towns. Sydney considered the current temperature as the “coldest day of the year.”

A beautiful image captured by @nampix at Clarence in the Blue Mountains this morning as snow settles across the Gospers Fireground.It’s going to be a cold and windy day so rug up and ensure that you keep anything flammable at least a metre from the heater. #nswrfs #winter #snow pic.twitter.com/2SOtgusQLx — NSW RFS (@NSWRFS) August 21, 2020

“A series of strong cold fronts and troughs will bring a cold blast to the southeast, with temperatures 2 to 8 degrees below average,” said Diana Eadie, a Bureau of Meteorology forecaster.
“Saturday will be particularly cold for NSW and the ACT, likely the coldest day of the year – with strong winds making it feel even colder,” she added.Tom Saunders, a Sky News Weather meteorologist, said that NSW and the ACT would experience the coldest weather by Saturday because of the strong winds.
Sunday could also bring cold conditions
Weather forecasters said that cold conditions, blizzards, snow, heavy rain, and damaging winds could also arrive on Sunday, Aug. 23. Saunders warned that people should move out once the primary polar blast moves in.

(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @Cowobalt)Australians Woke Up to Snow Thick Weekend As Hail and Icy Winds Sweep Across the State

“Is that snow on a palm tree? Australia is weird.” pic.twitter.com/BtuIjV32lj — Co️alt (@Cowobalt) August 22, 2020

He added that on Saturday, Aug. 22, temperatures could drop even below 5C in the middle of the afternoon. The Southern Highlands, Canberra, and the Blue Mountains could experience the snow as low as 500 meters. On the other hand, Hobart might see up to 35mm of rain during the weekend. 
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