Tyler Baltierra Reflects on ‘Hardest Decision’ 10 Years After Placing Oldest Daughter up for Adoption

“Teen Mom OG” star Tyler Baltierra refected on placing his daughter Carly up for adoption 10 years ago, and said the decision was the hardest one he had to make in his life.

In an emotional Instagram post, Baltierra shared a picture of his eldest daughter and opened up about the circumstances that led the couple to place their firstborn up for adoption.

As shown on “16 & Pregnant” at 17, the reality star and his wife Catelynn Lowell chose to give their now-10-year-old daughter to another family a decade ago due to their age and circumstances that were not conducive to raising a child.

Baltierra wrote:

10 years ago yesterday, we were only 17. 10 years ago, we brought you into the world. 10 years ago, we only got to hold you by ourselves for a half hour in the hospital as we just cried & stared at you, remembering every little detail of how absolutely perfect you were, since we knew that even though we just met, we had to say goodbye.

He continued:

10 years ago, we had to make the hardest decision of our lives & give you everything your innocent life deserved that we just couldn’t provide at the time.

The  27-year-old concluded his post by doting on Carly and reflecting on the tough decision:

10 years ago, we held each other & wept as we watched you drive away in the back of the car with the only parents that were worthy to be yours. 10 years ago…your life changed so many others for the better & has blessed more lives than I can count. We love you so much & hopefully get to see you soon baby girl. Happy Birthday Carly! #Adoption#BirthparentStrong”

Fans took to the comments section to share their messages of support after the MTV star opened up about his adoption journey.

One commenter wrote:

It was because of your story that we decided to adopt our children. And also because of the two of you that we wanted our Birthmothers to have as much time as they needed with our children before they said, not goodbye, but see you soon. We believe in Open Adoption and do the best we can honoring it because of you two. So thank you for sharing your story ten years ago.

The parents welcomed Carly in 2009. The child’s adoptive parents have chosen not to allow the girl to appear on TV.