They Said Her Mom Died, But Everyone Refuses To Show Her The Body

by San Eli News

For more than a year, Ellie Green has been searching for her mother. Although the word on the street is that her mother died, Ellie Green has not seen her since June 20, 2019, after the pair had a fight. Ellie had recently turned eighteen and fallen hard for her first boyfriend. During that hot June day in Prairie Village, Kansas, Ellie was back home with her parents after graduating college and frolicking across Europe for a month-long trip to celebrate the major milestone.

During that visit, Ellie and her mother, 51-year-old Angela Green, fought about the usual stuff. Since Ellie was becoming an adult, she was testing her new relationship with her mother. By stretching the boundaries, she ended up going too far. When she upset her mother so much that she was kicked out of the family home for the night, the pair never reconnected again – and now Ellie (below) fears that some horrible fate befell her mother, but not what the authorities are telling her.

Shortly after the fight, Ellie’s father told her that Angela was hospitalized for mental health problems. Then she died of a stroke, allegedly, and had her body cremated. Ellie’s father asked her not to tell Angela’s family about her death. For eight months, she obeyed her father’s command until she realized that something was wrong in February.

As Ellie started to dig for the truth, she learned that there was no record of any hospital visit or death certificate. Not only that, but Ellie’s father was now spinning a new tall tale.

Because Ellie kept silent about her mother’s situation for eight months, the police did not know where to begin when she reported her mother missing. The Prairie Village Police Department has done helplessly little. They’ve made no arrests and have not identified any persons of interest.

During an interview with HuffPost, Capt. Ivan Washington did not want to provide any details because it was about an on-going case.

“We’ll see where the evidence leads us,” he said. “We’re just trying to use all our resources and to try to bring this to a positive resolution.”

Angela, who was originally from China, was married to Kansas man, Geoff Green, and returned to the United States with him to start a family. They had met at the Hard Rock Café in Beijing. According to Ellie, Geoff had lied to Angela about numerous things, including his age and the fact that he already had a family. Angela only learned the truth when she moved to Kansas.

Ellie never saw her parents express affection for each other. They never kissed or slept in the same bed.

“My dad speaking almost no Chinese and my mom speaking English not very well caused a lot of things to be misinterpreted, from just little things like what she wanted from the grocery store,” she said. “I ended up mediating a lot.”

Although Ellie does not have any answers, she refuses to give up on her search for the truth.

“Honestly, I just want to know where she is and to give her a proper burial place so I can go visit her and talk to her,” she said. “That’s all I want.”

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