The baby killer boyfriend got sentenced for lifetime imprisonment.

by San Eli News
The baby killer boyfriend got sentenced for lifetime imprisonment.

In August, a man residing in Washington was convicted for killing his girlfriend’s 8-months-old son, and on Friday he was sentenced in a courtroom located at Bakersfield, California.

According to the ABC 23, Tobin Phillips is charged with first degree of homicide along “with the special circumstance of torture,” linked to the death of the infant Baron Smith.

The court document says that Phillips was first charged for abusing his 3-weeks-old daughter in November 2016, after the baby accidently hit her head. Phillips told that he was swinging the baby in order to calm her down.

Following the incident, Phillips fiance broke up with him. After the breakup he found another replacement who was Barons mother.

On January 2, 2017, while Baron’s mother was at work, Phillips was taking care of the baby and he certainly lost his calm because the baby won’t stop crying. He covered the baby’s face with a pillow and sat on it until the baby felt unconscious.

Later, he picked up Baron and swung his head in a futon frame made up of metal. He shook Baron badly by twisting his left nipple and strangling him to death, says the Mojave Desert News.

Phillip’s public defender, Mark Aguilar said that his client was trying to calm the baby from about an hour, but Gina Pearl, the prosecutor said that Phillip, while strangling Baron shook him severely that even his head strangled back and forth. Baron bleed from his eyes.

The autopsy report claimed that the baby died in hardly 3 to 5 minutes.

Judge John W. Lua sentenced the criminal to a lifetime imprisonment, with no parole claiming it a senseless killing.