Teenager Rips Man’s Balls Off During Fight After “Bad Day At Work”

A Louisiana teenager has been arrested after allegedly ripping the balls of another guy who started a fight with him after a “bad day at work.” Officials say 18-year-old Corey Brown wasn’t having any of the victim’s BS when he picked a fight on New Year’s Eve and ended up tearing the man’s scrotum during a scuffle. Yikes!

1. THE VICTIM STARTED THE ARGUMENT. Cranky after a crappy day at his job, the man returned home and engaged in a verbal altercation with Jones, which then escalated into a physical fight. It was during this fight that the victim’s scrotum was torn, according to local news affiliate WAFB.

2. THE VICTIM WILL LIKELY NEED STITCHES.So bad was the injury inflicted by Jones that the victim will require stitches and will likely have a permanent scar commemorating the fight.

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4. IT’S UNCLEAR WHETHER OR NOT JONES MEANT TO CAUSE THIS SPECIFIC DAMAGE. The two men were in a physical struggle and when you’re trying to overpower someone, you might cause damage in whatever way you can to the other person in order to gain the upper hand. Maybe Jones was just trying to win the fight?

5. JONES WAS ARRESTED SOON AFTER. According to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, Jones was charged with domestic abuse battery with serious bodily injury and booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. It’s unclear whether or not he was given the opportunity to post bail and/or if he was able to. It’s also unknown when Jones will be seeing a judge.

6. BOTTOM LINE? KEEP YOUR BAD WORKDAY TO YOURSELF. Maybe don’t start fights with people just because you had a bad day at work. Work sucks for everyone and it’s not just worth it. Did the victim deserve to have his balls ripped? No, but these things happen when guys start tussling. Don’t even bother!