Teen Crashes His Dad’s $3M Sports Car, But It’s Reaction That Has Gone Viral.

A spoiled brat from Dallas, Texas, crashed his dad’s multi-million-dollar one-of-a-kind sports car only to log onto Instagram to say “s**t happens.” The 17-year-old son of a Dallas billionaire, Gage Gillean, 17, was speeding through the streets of Dallas when he came to a part in the road that was just too demanding for his driving skills. Gillean smashed his dad’s car, completely totaling it, and then complained to his 84,000 subscribers about how things like this happen when you’re a rich kid with unlimited resources.

The brat’s father, Tim Gillean, founded Dallas’s private equity firm, Cross Equities, and has a “fleet” of vehicles. This loss probably did not faze him much, and he probably will not punish his son. Meanwhile, Gage Gillean, the son, claimed that the vehicle had low tire pressure (he’s subtly blaming his father for the accident), which caused him to lose control of the car and smash it at high speed into a tree.

Gillean, the owner of the GG Exotics YouTube page, which does not have any connection to Joe Exotic of Tiger King fame, was injured in the car crash. However, the boy’s injuries were minor.

The boy tried to make money from the car crash. He uploaded public content of the crash to YouTube before switching the video over to private mode. However, he did publicly complain that “s**t happens” in an Instagram clip, adding.

“Thanking God for a second chance at life. Crash could’ve left us with worse injuries or even death,” the teen wrote on Instagram in the caption. “Wanna say thanks to my family, friends, and fans for all the messages. Means a lot.”

According to the billionaire’s son, the tire pressure was what threw him off while he was speeding across Dallas.

“I lost control. We hit the curb, we caught air, we went off the ground and flew into the tree,” he said. “The doors flew off when we hit the tree. It was honestly the scariest thing of my life.”

When it came to his father’s reaction, Gage said: “Obviously, he’s mad upset. But I couldn’t really control anything. A car is replaceable, I’m not replaceable.”

Gage’s YouTube channel focuses on showing off his dad’s wealth. He poses with his father’s cars and other vehicles and gets paid to do so by the Google company.

Readers of Daily Mail were horrified by Gage Gillean and his disrespectful behavior. Thousands of comments were added to the report.

“If you were a decent human, you would be horrified to have a kid like this. Obviously, his parents are not decent humans.”

“Dad also needs to buy this Jersey Shore wannabe some good taste in clothing & hairstyles. He looks like he belongs in that Gotti tribe of Guidos that mob boss John Gotti’s daughter birthed.”

“I thought the kid was pretty gaudy. Then I saw dad.”

“This is what happens when you raise children that don’t care about anything in life.”

“The kid says it was because of ‘low tire pressure.’ Yeah, right. I wonder if his Daddy knew he was bombing around in the 3 million dollar car? (if so, I blame the dad too).”

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