Teen Boy Nearly Dies After Inserting 53 Metal Balls Up His Urethra ‘Out Of Curiosity’

A 14-year-old boy nearly died after inserting 53 metal balls into his own penis “out of curiosity,” according to a report by the Chutian Urban Newspaper, as per Mail Online. The teen was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition, and just in time!

1. I GUESS IT WAS JUST SOMETHING TO DO? Jiang Hua was playing the magnetic Buckyballs game when he thought, “Hey, I know what would be fun—what if I stuck some of these things inside my penis?” So that’s exactly what he did. Up they went, right into his urethra. Ouch!

2. HE THOUGHT HE’D BE ABLE TO TAKE THEM OUT HIMSELF. Jiang apparently believed he would just be able to “squeeze” the metal balls back out of his urethra himself with a little pressure, but that obviously didn’t work. Then he had an even brighter idea: let’s put more in!

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4. THINGS STARTED TO GO DOWNHILL QUICKLY. Thinking that inserting more of the metal balls into his penis would somehow create some kind of magnetic force that would draw them all out obviously didn’t work. In fact, the more metal balls he inserted, the further up inside his body they all traveled. Yikes!

5. HE JUST DECIDED TO GIVE UP AND GO TO BED.As you do! He didn’t tell anyone about the 53 metal balls inside his urethra, he just turned off the lights and went to sleep. Unfortunately, the next day at school, he realized he was bleeding and it got worse and worse throughout the day.

6. FINALLY, HE SOUGHT HELP. After school, Jiang reportedly told his grandfather what he’d done and he was soon rushed to hospital in critical condition. Doctors described him as “pale, dizzy, and in shock.” Turns out, the balls had clumped together in two strings and caused severe internal hemorrhaging that could have killed Jiang if he hadn’t gotten help when he did.

7. SURGEONS REMOVED THE BALLS AND SAVED HIS LIFE.Hospital director and urologist Dr. Wang Jun removed all 53 balls from Jiang on November 13. Thankfully, he should make a full recovery. Let this be a lesson, boys: please don’t stick things inside your penis. It will never end well.