A South African businessman has been arrested by Johannesburg police after he attempted to bribe game wardens thirty-seven times in the past twelve months.

Olag van der Berg, 63, attempted to bribe Kruger National Park game wardens on numerous occasions in exchange for sex with the native wildlife.

Van der Berg was very insistent and may have successfully bribed several game wardens, fear authorities.

“He really has the hots for the elephants. The rare times I talked to him, he went on and on about how long and strong their trunks were, how they had sturdy legs and a beautiful ass,” one game warden told reporters.

Kruger National Park officials alerted police after they feared that Olag van der Berg would successfully bribe an employee and would potentially partake in sexual activities with the park animals which is strictly prohibited at all times.

“Interacting sexually with the native wildlife in any form, be it through oral, genital, or anal sex is strictly prohibited within the confines of the Kruger National Park,” one official commented.

One warden did admit to accepting the money and was asked to leave van der Berg naked with a group of elephants for several minutes.

“He took off his clothes and spread some peanut butter on his genitals before running behind some bushes and joining the herd of elephants. I stopped looking from there on,” said a former warden, who was fired immediately after admitting to accepting the bribe.

Other wardens also said Olag van der Berg had similar preferences for the rhinoceroses, the giraffes, and the zebras.

Bestiality is not a criminal offense in South Africa and one citizen in four has admitted to indulging in the practice according to a 2016 nationwide survey.