Son Surprises Mom By Wearing One of His Late Father’s Shirts on One of Their ‘Date Nights’

A son had no idea his mom would react the way she did when she saw the shirt he was wearing for their mother and son date night.

On Twitter, Clayton Walker shared a video of himself getting ready for the dinner he had planned with his mom.

However, as the video showed, Walker’s mom had no idea that her son was going to put on one of the few shirts they saved of his late father’s. The video captured Walker’s mom’s reaction to the surprise.


While standing in the mirror, looking at the red and white plaid shirt he had just put on, Walker’s mom is seen coming around the corner to take a look at her son.

His mom recognized the shirt immediately and quickly became overcome with emotion. Walker wrote on Twitter:

My father passed away when I was 1 and I only have a few shirts of his so I wore one for date night with my momma.

Over 1 million people have since liked Walker’s tweet, which has already been viewed over 10 million times so far.

Now hundreds of other people, many of whom have also lost a parent, are commenting on how sweet the video is. Some are even sharing their own stories about the articles of clothing they’ve kept following the passing of a loved one:

My dad drowned when I was 13…I don’t have shirts of his but I have his favorite hat and I wear it on special occasions brother!!! Hats off to you and ur family respect !!!!!

I lost my dad right when I was about to turn 16, I felt this. Sh*t hit home, the struggle is real but we grow from it! This is hella cute, I wear my dad’s button-downs all the time even tho he was a 2xl…we make that sh*t WURK.

I still recognize my dad’s cologne when I pass by men sometimes after 14 years but I have no idea what it’s called.

Peoples energy gets attached to their physical possessions, I imagine it helps you feel closer to him and she was probably crying because of how much you look like him at this point.

How beautiful and pure is this?