Six-Year-Old Seeking Help Posts Photos of Dead Dad on Facebook After Her Parents Overdose 24 Hours Earlier

A 6-year-old girl left unsupervised in a tragic situation saved herself and her unconscious stepmother using Facebook.

On Thursday a young Michigan girl was forced to act fast after being left alone with a hungry pit bull for up to 24 hours. It wasn’t until she woke up at around 8 a.m. that she realized her father, 40, and his wife, 36, were lying on a mattress incapacitated, reports WJRT.Police believe a drug overdose likely debilitated the couple. The girl reportedly threw water on her parents in an attempt to wake them, but when neither regained consciousness the 6-year-old eventually used Facebook Messenger to contact her grandparents in Tennessee.

She sent them pics of her dead dad. Police say the family’s dog had been gnawing on his face.

The girl’s grandparents called authorities after seeing the photos. Mt. Morris Township police officers arrived at the home that night and heard the little girl screaming, reports the Detroit Free Press.

Police Chief Terence Green told WJRT:

“To think about a six-year-old being in the house alone longer than 24 hours, hasn’t eaten, doesn’t know what’s going on.

And at some point in time, she witnesses the dog causing damage to her deceased father.”

“This is tragic. It could’ve been a lot worse, but it’s tragic.”

The incident is still under investigation.

The girl’s father was pronounced dead at the home and her stepmother was rushed to the hospital. She’s in stable condition and has been placed in ICU.

WJRTBased on the evidence that was found at the scene of the incident authorities believe the couple overdosed. Green said:

“She didn’t ask to be put in this situation.

Thank god she was smart enough and has the intelligence to get on that phone and try to contact someone.

According to police, the girl is now living with her biological mother and she’s traumatized by the incident.