Six arrested in militia plot of kidnapping Governor Whitmer just before presidential elections

Six suspects were arrested on Thursday in the line of plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer according to the federal authorities. The FBI alleged that Barry Croft, Daniel Harris, Adam Fox, Ty Garbin, Brandon Caserta, and Kaleb Franks conspired to take Whitmer hostage from her vacation home by recruiting militia members in northern Michigan.

According to The Detroit News, they had planned to then take Whitmer to a secret location in Wisconsin so that she would stand ‘trial’ for purported treason just before the presidential elections in November.

Except for Croft, who lives in Delaware, all other suspects are reportedly from Michigan. The kidnapping plot made by the conspirators was serious and credible and they had also planned to storm the Capitol building in Lansing for which the seven other men were arrested, according to the Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on Thursday.

The complaint further indicated that a raid was executed at a home in Hartland, Michigan by the authorities on Wednesday. The group of conspirators was then accused of conducting surveillance on Whitmer’s vacation home that happened on two different instances in August, according to the federal authorities.

The militia group involved in the planning had undergone combat drills, firearms training, and also attempted to build IEDs during their several meetings that were held over the summer. The complaint is further detailed that the devices did not detonate as intended since they were found to be defective in nature.

An FBI informant then recorded a secret meeting which was held in June and had been attended by Fox, Croft, and 13 others, as reported by the Detroit News. Moreover, according to the Detroit News, after a local law enforcement agency learned that they were trying to obtain the home addresses of police officers since March, the agency had been critically watching the suspects.