Pregnant Woman Jumps From 33ft Window to Escape Boyfriend Who Was Abusing Her

A Brazilian woman who was also pregnant was reported by the Sun to have jumped from a window 33-feet to the ground. She resorted to this extreme measure to escape her abusive partner.

Michaelen Sasha Rocha de Merces had jumped from her apartment window which was 33 feet from the ground.

Her partner named Jonatan Willian Correa was always hitting her. However, their relationship was not always abusive. At the beginning of their relationship, they got along very well. It was just recently that Correa’s real color was discovered by Merces.

Correa was reported to have lost his temper over simple things such as Merces not liking messages his partner received. Correa’s rage over the recent incident was because Merces forgot to ask him how his day was.

During that recent attack by Correa, the Brazilian woman was going to pick up her son from the house of her parents. Her son was from a previous partner.

Merces stated that Correa slapped her. Her face was also slammed towards their cooker. This had led the pregnant Brazilian mother to suffer minor burns on her face. According to reports, the assault lasted for more than an hour.

When she was brought to their bedroom, she immediately jumped from their apartment window as Correa was about to get something from their kitchen.

The investigation of the case is not yet concluded. However, it was discovered by the authorities that Correa had a record of multiple crimes.

Merces had had an induced coma for a week. She has been in the hospital for a month. She had undergone multiple surgeries. She suffered from multiple broken bones from the fall.

Her unborn child is now in stable condition. Both are recovering from the incident.