Police find body of missing rapper in car’s trunk, charge driver with murder

Police helping a man whose car had crashed on a Miami highway found a missing man’s body in the trunk.

It was that of Virginia rapper Brian Trotter, 25, who had vanished a week earlier after being picked up by his friend Robert Deupree Avery Coltrain, also 25, police said in a report obtained by the Miami Herald.

Coltrain is now under arrest for the murder of his friend of 10 years, charged with second-degree murder and illegal transport of human remains.

Robert Coltrain, left, was charged in Miami-Dade County in the death of Brian Trotter, who went missing from Virginia earlier this month.

After police arrived at the scene, the car was towed to the parking lot of a nearby mall so troopers could investigate, the Herald said. Coltrain asked to fetch his belongings from the car, and among them was a Glock gun case, the arrest report said.

There was also “the smell of rotting flesh, and flies buzzing around the car,” the Herald reported.

“As a result of the continuous foul odor and insect presence, FHP troopers opened the trunk of the vehicle and discovered a body,” the arrest report said, according to WTVJ-TV, which also obtained a copy.