Pakistani judge sentences man to 1,000 lashes for fleeing arranged marriage with his own sister

A Pakistani man who fled an arranged marriage with his own sister has been sentenced by the Islamabad High Court to 1,000 lashes.

Ghulam Mirza, 43, has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes for fleeing his arranged marriage to Qirat Mirza, 38, one of his twelve sisters.

Family members decided to force the arranged marriage between the sister and the brother after they could not find a potential groom or bride and would not move out of the family house.

“My son Ghulam is so lazy. He sleep all the time and watch gay porn all day and my daughter is so ugly, she is uglier than a goat’s ass, no one will ever want to marry her” their mother, Qirat Mirza, 87, complained on national television.

Lawyer Hakim Farooqi, who represented Ghulam Mirza, said that since his client had already consumed the marriage and that his sister was pregnant, the judge was not lenient and refused to dissolve the marriage.

“Islamic law permits incestuous marriage only between first cousins and in certain exceptional cases, but in this case, the marriage has already been consumed and a child is expected, so by the grace of Allah, I hereby refuse to dissolve this union and sentence the plaintiff to 1,000 lashes,” judge Hussein said in court.

It is unusual under Islamic law to force an arranged marriage between two siblings but legal expert, Karim Haziq, argues that in this particular case, the judge was obliged to do so.

“The son was possibly a homosexual and the sister is very, very ugly, so under Islamic law, it all makes sense,” legal expert Karim Haziq explained.

The mother of the two siblings told reporters she was satisfied with the sentence and glad that the family had not been dishonored by her ungrateful son.

Ghulam Mirza, 43, will receive 1,000 lashes over the next few weeks and has been forced by Pakistani authorities to reintegrate the family home with his wife.