Ohio Mom Sentenced to Life in Prison for Sexually Abusing 4 Children

by San Eli News

An Ohio mother will be spending life behind bars after getting convicted for sexually abusing four children, three of whom were her own kids. The suspect was identified as 26-year-old Amber Brewer from Brown County, Ohio.
According to court records, Brewer pleaded guilty to raping the four victims, as well as filming the acts with her boyfriend Billy Sheeley. The 47-year-old old boyfriend were also accused of raping the kids aged 3, 4, 6, and 8.
Investigators discovered footage of the abuse in Brewer and Sheeley’s possession. Brown County Prosecutor Zac Corbin claimed that the depraved acts were the ‘worst offense’ he has ever encountered.
Photo: News 4 San Antonio
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“I can tell you judge, without question, this is the worst offense I have seen in my entire career in the criminal justice system,” says Corbin. He also revealed that after the abuse, the couple will share the footage of their depraved acts.

The couple was arrested on May after investigators were tipped by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Internet Crimes Against Children task force.
“They flagged a couple of images and worked back through the IP addresses and linked them to a couple of accounts belonging to Brewer and Sheeley. That led them to some online communications where these materials were being sent back and forth,” said Corbin.
Since then, Sheeley has attempted to end his life three times while in prison. His defense tried to argue that he was mentally incapable of standing trial, but this was later disproved, according to WKRC.
Photo: Brown County Sheriff’s Office
During her interview with the investigators, Brewer willingly admitted to the crimes. A detective revealed that she was ‘very open’ about her sick acts: “She always had fantasies about doing these types of sexual things with small children and Bill shared her desires.”
In court, Brewer pleaded guilty to all the four charges she was facing. She was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. Sheeley faces 29 charges including rape and sexual conduct with an animal.

One of her children penned her a heartbreaking letter, which was read by the child’s father in court.
“Why did you do what you did to me? I hate you for what you have done. I don’t love you anymore. I wish I could kick your butt to the sky so you could never ever come back and touch me again. You will never touch me again. Goodbye.”
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