Neighbors Call 911 On Their “Stinking” Home. Cops Can’t Believe What Was Living Inside.

by San Eli News

Damian Miller was growing sick and tired of the disgusting smell coming from his neighbors’ house. He had spoken to them about the stench, which only got worse week after week. Because he had spoken to the neighbors without result, he needed to get help from the authorities. That’s when Miller picked up the phone and called his local police department to report the foul stench that had been coming from the neighbors’ home for far too long.

When the police arrived to check out Mary and Chris Frankovic’s house, they were smacked by the foul stench. It was “extreme” and unreal. It was not something the police officers had ever had to face or deal with before.

Miller knew that the smell coming from the Frankovics’ home was unnatural. It was not just because they failed to do routine cleaning or take care of their property. This was something much worse, something untoward. Miller felt it was his duty to alert the police because this type of foul smell can only come from something evil – and he was right.
After Miller placed the call to police, the cops used their software to investigate the home and the Frankovics. They quickly learned that the residents of the stinky property had previous animal abuse offenses to their names. This meant there was enough for the cops to go on to check out the home and to make sure no other animals were being abused by the criminal offenders.

Animal control officers arrived to investigate the smell coming from the Frankovics’ home. When they arrived and entered the home, the experienced animal control officers admitted to never have before experiencing anything as disgusting – or disturbing – as what they saw inside this property.
Experts estimated that perhaps the Frankovics were abusing a dozen or so animals inside the home. That would have been enough to produce such a foul smell. However, the abuse was much worse. The Frankovics were doing ungodly things to upwards of one hundred dogs!

Yes, they were abusing 100 dogs. Their living conditions were terrible. None of the feces or urine the dogs had produced was cleaned up. And most of the dogs were wildly underfed.
While the animal control officers did what they could for the dogs, their power was limited. Soon, the fire department arrived to help. People were being sent into the stinky home with hazmat suits to ensure they didn’t contract some deadly bacteria.

After they were caught, Mary and Chris Frankovic defended the way they treated their dogs. Instead of hurting the animals, the couple claimed to have been helping them. Authorities did not buy a word of their story. The couple was charged with hundreds of counts of animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect.
Now, Miller and other neighbors are helping clean up the mess. Some neighbors have offered to adopt or foster these abused dogs. But they were not the only ones to help after hearing the horrible news.

Animal Friends, a rescue organization, raised $6,000 in the first twenty-four hours after learning about the mistreatment the Frankovics put these dogs through. This large sum of donations would go toward getting the dogs the care they needed so they could be adopted.

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