Mystery solved! Bones found in Ohio barn identified as remains of teacher who died in 1881

NEW LONDON, Ohio (WJW) – Part of a mystery that is more than a century old has been solved in Ohio.

In 2016, 72 human bones were found inside the garage of a home in New London.

The bones were sent to a lab in Virginia, and DNA was extracted.

The bones have now been identified as belonging to Hallie Armstrong, an 18-year-old schoolteacher who died in 1881.

“We have closed a cold case and ruled out a homicide,” New London Police Chief Mike Marko said.

Armstrong’s cause of death was listed as unknown, according to a press release, and she was reportedly buried at Sugar Grove Cemetery in Wilmington.

“I’m happy to say we’ve helped the New London Police rule out a potential homicide in their town,” says James Renner, founder of the Porchlight Project, a nonprofit that helps with cold cases. “And in the process of solving one mystery, we’ve uncovered a much older one – who was Hallie Armstrong, really, and how did her remains end up in a barn in New London, a hundred years after her death? Hopefully, one day, we can provide an answer.”

Breaking news! Bones in New London link to schoolteacher who died in 1881. And a new mystery is uncovered!— ThePorchlightProject (@porchlight_the) October 19, 2020
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