Mother Who Watched Boyfriend Kill Toddler to be Released From Prison

by San Eli News

A mother who just watched her daughter get beaten and hurt by her boyfriend will be released from jail.
The mother of the child, Donna Deaves, was convicted for not intervening in the brutal crime that took the life of her two-year-old daughter. The boyfriend, Warren James Ross, was found guilty for the murder and abuse of the victim.
The crime occurred in Australia in 2011, but until now, the people still haven’t forgotten little Tanilla’s horrific fate. Her case gained attention once more after news spread that Deaves will be out of prison soon.
Photo: AAP
According to an The Sun, Ross would punish Tanilla, who was only two years old during that time, for violating his house rules. There were also evidence of physical abuse. The toddler died in her crib after two days of wallowing in excruciating pain.
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The last two days of her life, the toddler had felt only pain. After being whipped and hurt in the head by Ross, she was left to die in their home. The couple let the child die while being covered in a blanket.
While on trial, the judge discovered that Ross was hitting Tanilla while Deaves watched. He even told the evil mother that he would make her daughter scream.
Ross would beat Tanilla for unreasonable reasons such as punishing the toddler for not being toilet trained yet.
Photo: NSW Police
At times, the evil mom’s boyfriend would kick and even bash Tanilla’s head. He did this as Deaves watched. The mother would not even act to save her child from the abuse.
The couple went to trial after the authorities discovered the tragic death of Tanilla. Ross was later on sentenced to 40 years in prison for taking the life of the little angel. On the other hand, Deaves was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment and a nine-year non-parole period.

A relative expressed her concern about releasing Deaves from prison. She claims that it is unfair for Tanilla for her mother to be set free as she was not given the same option when she suffered from the abuse of Ross while her mother would not do anything to save her.
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