Mom assaulted and raped by “friend’s pleads guilty to murder after judge’s refuses stand your ground defence”

An Alabama woman, who shot and killed a man after she said he raped and physically assaulted her, has pleaded guilty to murder.

Brittany Smith was indicted in March 2018 for the murder of Joshua “Todd” Smith. Months earlier, in January 2018, Brittany shot and killed Smith at her home in Stevenson, after he allegedly raped her twice, beat her, and threatened to kill her family if she told anyone about it.

According to police, Brittany told investigators that Todd Smith became violent after she told him she wasn’t interested in a relationship with him. Out of fear, she allowed him to sleep on her couch for the night, but secretly sent messages too her mother after the attack. 

Brittany reportedly texted to her mother at the time “Todd has tried to kill me literally. Don’t act like anything is wrong…he will kill me if he knows.”

Brittany’s mother, Ramona McCallie explained that her daughter allowed the man over to her home after he messaged and said he was stranded in the cold. At the time, Brittany didn’t know Todd Smith would turn violent.

Ramona McCallie explained saying “That evening Todd texted her and said he was stranded, cold, and played on her sympathies for her to come pick him up. That’s when she told him he could sleep on her couch, but had to be gone by morning.”

Shortly after Brittany texted her mother, Brittany’s brother, 26-year-old Christopher McCallie, arrived at the home with a pistol. He put it on the table and instructed Todd Smith to leave, according to what Brittany told the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

An altercation ensued. Smith allegedly assaulted Christopher McCallie and put him into a headlock. According to Romana McCallie, her daughter picked up her brother’s gun and gave warning several times before firing.

Brittany’s lawyer, Ron Smith, worked out a plea deal with the prosecution, which required his client to plead guilty to murder in exchange for 20 years. If found guilty during a jury trial, Brittany Smith would have likely gotten life in prison.