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Mob Informant Who Testified Against Suspected Philly Mafia Boss Could Land In Hot Water Over Braggy Podcast Appearance



A former mafia informant, who wore a wire for years, could find himself behind bars after running his mouth on a podcast produced by other ex-mobsters.

John Rubeo, a former Genovese Family associate, claimed he profited from his time as a government witness and said he intentionally “mangled” the case against suspected Philadelphia mob boss Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino in a recent podcast, the New York Daily News reported.

Rubeo, who claimed to have destroyed evidence in Merlino’s case during his interview with John Alite and Gene Borrello, former associates of the Gambino and Bonanno crime families, respectively, also bragged he was still involved in criminal activity.

“I’m not a rube and I’m not going to be manipulated the way the FBI was during the investigation,” Manhattan Federal Court Judge Richard Sullivan said at a hearing earlier this month, according to “He says on this podcast, ‘I’m probably going to get in trouble for this.’”

The irate federal judge blasted Rubeo, hinting there could be repercussions.

“So this was a decision that was made because Rubeo likes attention,” Sullivan said. “And that’s fine. But there’s going to be a price to be paid for that.”

In 2016, Rubeo was a star witness in a sprawling racketeering case against Merlino. Merlino wound up taking a sweetheart plea deal in 2018, following a mistrial. He was freed in July, according to the Daily News.

Rubeo, 45, told the podcast hosts he deleted numerous conversations with the Philadelphia mobster and performed a “factory reset” on his cell phone before turning it over to prosecutors, according to the Daily News.

“I mangled the case [against Merlino],” Rubeo said. “It was embarrassing. I committed robberies while I was cooperating. I was gambling. I literally shouldn’t have had an agreement.”

Rubeo also bragged of the lucrative nature of the informant work during that period, claiming he became a more brazen criminal after he began cooperating with investigators.

“I almost felt like I could be a better criminal because I worked for them, because I knew they weren’t watching me,” he said. “I was committing more crimes when I was working for them than when I was on the street, and they were paying me $15,000 a month.”

Meanwhile, Rubeo’s defense attorney, Louis Fasulo, attempted to paint the former mob associate’s podcast cameo as a cautionary tale for aspiring mobsters. Sullivan, the Manhattan federal judge, however, dismissed such claims.

“I can’t believe that this guy, after getting a sentence of time served, given the nonsense that went on during this period of cooperation … has the poor judgment to do this,” Sullivan added. “It was a sprawling conversation about organized crime. … I think if anything, it sort of glorifies it by perpetuating it.”

Sullivan also noted that Rubio had violated his release conditions by appearing on the crime podcast with two “known felons.”

“Imagine my surprise when I read in the Daily News that Mr. Rubeo is appearing on podcasts with other convicted felons to talk about his history in the mob and his history as an informant and a cooperator and everything else,” the judge said. “To spin it now and say, ‘Oh well, my motives were pure because it was designed to tell people not to get involved in the life,’ is also just, I think preposterous.”

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SpaceX Starship rocket explodes in fireball just after landing in dramatic footage



It is the third SpaceX Starship to blow up after landing – but billionaire founder Elon Musk didn’t let it faze him – tweeting ‘RIP SN10’ as his work went up in a fireball

Elon Musk’s latest SpaceX Starship rocket experiment has once again ended up in flames.
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The Earth’s deepest secret was just revealed by scientists



The research into what lies deep, deep beneath our feet has yielded precious few details over the past few decades. We all grew up learning that we live on the Earth’s crust, which is just a thin layer above the mantle. Beneath that, the outer core surrounds the inner core, and… well, that’s it, or so we thought. Now, scientists have offered us an update to this model, and they believe the discovery may be concrete enough to warrant the rewriting of textbooks.

In a new paper published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, a small team of scientists says that the most widely accepted model of the interior of the Earth doesn’t necessarily jive with the data that is available. In its place, the researchers propose a new model that includes a new layer within the inner core, and they say that, based on the data, it may be evidence of a “traumatic event” somewhere in Earth’s history.

The new layer the researchers are said to have confirmed is distinct from the inner core and would represent a new “central inner core,” for lack of a better term. To do this, the team collected a massive amount of data from seismic events over decades, then tested them against models of the Earth’s interior. What they found was that the notion of a new core layer was the best way to match the data with a model.

“Traditionally we’ve been taught the Earth has four main layers: the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core,” Joanne Stephenson, lead author of the work, said in a statement. “The idea of another distinct layer was proposed a couple of decades ago, but the data has been very unclear. We got around this by using a very clever search algorithm to trawl through thousands of the models of the inner core.”

How exactly this newly-identified layer formed is anyone’s guess, but it may point to a more complex story of early Earth formation than was previously accepted.

“We found evidence that may indicate a change in the structure of iron, which suggests perhaps two separate cooling events in Earth’s history. The details of this big event are still a bit of a mystery, but we’ve added another piece of the puzzle when it comes to our knowledge of the Earths’ inner core.”

The discovery of a new core layer may not change much when it comes to our daily lives, but it’s a big step toward better understanding how our planets and others like it form. If we hope to have a solid understanding of the nature of planets, figuring out what is hiding deep within them is a prerequisite and a pretty big one.

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Bodies of 11 Infants Found in Ceiling of Funeral Home May Have Been Hidden Because Parents Couldn’t Pay



On Friday, Michigan state investigators received an “anonymous letter” directing them to a Detroit funeral home that closed in April for “deplorable, unsanitary conditions.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, investigators entered the Cantrell Funeral Home with permission from the new owner, who was in the process of converting it to a community center, Detroit Police Lt. Brian Bowser said.

There, they located the bodies of 11 infants and “stillborns” hidden inside a “drop-down ceiling” between the first and second floor of the building.

Nine of the bodies were located hidden inside a box, and two were found inside a garbage bag in a small casket, Bowser confirmed at a press conference.

Police have not confirmed the identities of the infants or why they were hidden in the ceiling. The bodies were badly decomposed; some were “mummified,” and others were “embalmed.”

In April, the funeral home was shut down over unsanitary conditions after inspectors found bodies that had been left to mold and decay.

Owner Raymond Cantrell II admitted he kept bodies when the families couldn’t pay. At the time, he told WJBK:

“Those who have asked me to hold their loved ones will know I was doing them a favor to accommodate them. For those that weren’t, like the many of the cremated they are trying to take from here or that they are taking from here. Those individuals we called we’ve tried to notify and they haven’t been picked up.”

Police have not confirmed that’s why the infants were kept. But Pastor William C. Curtis, who owns three Detroit funeral homes, said that could be the case.

He told the Detroit News:

“A lot of times the family don’t pay and you have to take them to court. There is no recourse, but holding a body isn’t justifiable. It’s not like repossessing a car, you can’t give the body back.”

Cantrell took over the funeral home from his father in 2017. Curtis said they “used to get a lot of business.”

The medical examiner’s office is currently working to identify all the infants and reunite them with their families, it said in a statement.

Cantrell is not facing charges in relation to the discovery at this time.

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