Million MAGA March – ‘Four critically stabbed and one shot’ as Proud Boys clash with Antifa at election protests

VIOLENCE erupted between the Proud Boys and Antifa on Saturday as thousands of Trump supporters protested over the election result.

Trump fans – including the far-right Proud Boys – descended on Washington D.C. for another ‘Million MAGA March’, which reportedly resulted in at least four protesters getting stabbed.

Washington, DC, police confront protesters at Black Lives Matter PlazaIn Washington State, one person was shot in clashes between “heavily armed” demonstrators near the Capitol campus in Olympia.

Dramatic footage captured the carnage after gunfire rang out, with some heard screaming “he just shot somebody”.

Earlier in the day, Trump took to Twitter to applaud the demonstrators and suggest he may make an appearance at the D.C. rally.

“Wow! Thousands of people forming in Washington (D.C.) for Stop the Steal,” the president wrote.

“Didn’t know about this, but I’ll be seeing them! #MAGA.”

Trump later flew over the rally in a helicopter, according to reports.

Former Trump aide Michael Flynn, who was recently pardoned, gave a speech to the D.C. rally and urged the crowds to “be fearless”.

Video shared to social media appeared to show the Proud Boys far-right group getting into a violent altercation with counter-protesters.

Proud Boys and Antifa clashed during the 'Million MAGA March' at the US Capitol on SaturdayIn another instance, a reporter with The Washington Post shared footage of DC officers to Twitter following stabbing reports.

She wrote: “I didn’t see it happen, but hearing from DC Fire officials that two individuals were stabbed here outside Harry’s Bar.

“Ambulance transporting them away now.

“Police cleared the block after chaos broke out in the crowd and police ran into the scrum with OC spray.”

At least four people have been transported to a hospital in critical condition after a stabbing around 11th and F street NW in DC, the DCist and WAMU reported.

Two cops and two civilians were stabbed.

On Saturday, far-right and far-left groups confront each other in Olympia, WashingtonOne video shared to social media appeared to show the Proud Boys far-right group getting into a violent altercation with counter-protesters.

Police can be seen breaking up a brawl with pepper spray, before the group – many donning Proud Boys gear – broke out into a “F**k Antifa” chant.

By Saturday evening, at least six people were arrested by police in Washington, DC.

News4 was told by the Metropolitan Police Department that the arrests all took place in the Freedom Plaza vicinity.

Police revealed that one person arrested was hit with a simple assault charge.

According to reports, some altercations became violent in DC as smoke bombs and water bottles were thrown.

Proud Boys confront counter protesters in downtown Washington stateMeanwhile, on Saturday afternoon, one person was shot in clashes between demonstrators in Washington state.

According to the Washington State Patrol, the shooting took place on the border of the Capitol campus in Olympia, Washington.

The incident took place at approximately 2pm as Trump supporters were pushed towards their cars in a parking lot by counter-demonstrators, the Seattle Times reported.

The suspect – believed to be a Proud Boy – was reportedly detained and no details have been confirmed on the person’s identity or what their injuries are.

Counter-protesters stand near Trump-backers in Washington, DCWashington State Patrol said: “Fluid situation with two groups of size, both including heavily armed individuals.

“Sporadic confrontations and movement since late morning.”

Chaotic footage shared to Twitter – in what is believed to be the aftermath of the shooting – shows the alleged suspect, a bearded man, wearing all black and holding a gun in his right hand.

He is seen making his way into a parking lot as people are heard yelling: “Get him! Somebody get him. He shot somebody.”

Approximately 100 officers – with the Washington State Patrol, Olympia Police Department, and Thurston County sheriff’s office – were assigned to the protests to maintain order.

According to the Washington State Patrol, the shooting took place on the border of the Capitol campus in Olympia, WashingtonAnd Proud Boys leader, Enrique Torrio, suggested on Saturday that he had been invited to the White House.

He later confirmed to NPR that he toured the White House with “another group,” and that he was not invited by the president, nor did he meet with him.

He did claim that his visit shows the Proud Boys have “come a long way.”

Flynn, Trump’s recently pardoned former national security advisor, encouraged supporters to remain “fearless” and keep the faith that the results of the 2020 election could still be challenged.

Trump supporters waved 'Trump 2020' and American flags“Don’t get bent out of shape,” Flynn told the crowd. “There are still avenues … We’re fighting with faith and we’re fighting with courage.”

This advice came even as the Supreme Court tossed out a bid from Trump supporters to throw out votes in key battleground states on Friday.

Radio host/conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was also pictured at the demonstrations.

Over Friday night and into Saturday morning, DC police confirmed that they had already arrested five people on “unrest-related” charges.

A statement from the department says that police welcome peaceful protesters to the area around the White House, but warned that they would intervene should any violence or destruction break out – on either side.

“There are peaceful demonstrations in the District of Columbia on a daily basis. The same rules apply for all demonstrations in DC and we welcome anyone to our city who wants to come to exercise their First Amendment rights peacefully,” the statement says.

It continued to warn that police will take action against any “persons that destroy property or hurt someone at anytime.”

“MPD rarely has to make an arrest at a demonstration but in the event that we do, know that it will be done safely and respectfully,” the statement continues.

Pictures of the pro-Trump demonstrations show supporters with Trump flags, megaphones, massive “Stop the Steal” signs and even a group of Proud Boys in kilts.

Demonstrators support President Trump as he continues to insist that he only lost the presidential election to Joe Biden because of wide-spread voter fraud.

Despite Trump’s repeated claims, his legal team has yet to provide concrete evidence of any widespread fraud.