Married police officer having a clean record fatally shoots ex-girlfriend and then kills himself while on duty

A shocking murder-suicide case has been apparently investigated y the authorities in Vermont, which has been committed by a veteran police officer having a clean record, while on duty. According to the reports, Jeffery Strock, a part-time officer at the Washington County Sheriff’s office, fatally shot Julie Fandino at her home in Barre Town on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the investigators, the police officer drove to Fandino’s home while he was on duty on Monday and then fatally shot her before turning the same gun on himself. The reports say that a property manager stopped by the home after noticing the police cruiser as he was nearby at the time of the incident. The manager then discovered the deceased bodies of both Strock and Finando.

According to WCAX, Finando’s 23-year-old daughter was sleeping at home at the time of the apparent murder-suicide. Reports also say that Strock had been in a relationship with Finando for about 5 years, after which he was married to someone else since the pair had to spilt. No details have been out about the communication that took place between Strock and Finando before the fatal shooting. However, it does appear that it was the officer who wanted to once again rekindle the relationship.

During his 20 years on the force, he didn’t have any disciplinary action against him but he did exhibit signs of mental health struggles, as confirmed by friends and family. This is a developing story. More updates will be provided soon.