Man on Parole Recorded Himself While Sexually Assaulting 8-Year-Old Girl

A Utah man is currently behind bars after sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl. The suspect was identified as Juandedios Flores, a 24-year-old resident of St. George. A later investigation revealed that Flores is on parole and probation for a different crime.
According to KUTV, the suspect was busted by his own fiance who discovered a disturbing video in his phone. While checking Flores’ phone, the woman saw several photos and video of Flores while in the act of sexually assaulting the girl.
The victim, an eight-year-old girl, was sleeping during the assault. The disturbing clip was shared on Snapchat. Right after uncovering this, Flores’ fiance confronted him about it.
Photo: Washington County Jail
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During a heated argument, the suspect eventually confessed to his girlfriend that he assaulted the young girl. He then expressed remorse for what he did and tried to hug his fiance. This ruse did not work, and the woman drove away Flores from her home.

Shortly after he left, she immediately called the police and told them all about the video on Flores’ phone. The cops arrived minutes later and were involved in a chase with the suspect.
Officers pursued Flores on foot, who was disobeying the cops’ orders. He was eventually tackled and arrested in the St. George Blvd. The suspect was then taken to the police station for interrogation.
Photo: Unsplash/Pablo Padilla
During the interview with the investigators, Flores denied any involvement in the video. But later on, he caved in and admitted that he was drunk during the assault.
The suspect was charged with two felony counts of sodomy on a child and sexual exploitation of a minor. He’s also facing misdemeanors charges for failure to stop at an officer’s commands, according to Crime Online.
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