Man Gets Custody Of 3-Month-Old Son, Uses Him As Punching Bag Till Dead

by San Eli News
Image Credit: KTVB

A 26-year-old man named Isaac Hernandez had been sentenced to 27 years in jail after killing infant Sylys Hernandez, who was only 3 months’ old.

Sylys’s mother was a drug addict, and gave birth to Sylys in jail – she had hoped for a better life for him in the outside world.

The baby was entrusted to Issac, who used him as a punching bag for a period of 3 months till the infant was dead.

Previous reports of abuse surrounded Issac and Sylys, but were ignored by the local authorities.

As a result, Sylys suffered multiple rib fractures, two broken legs, a torn frenulum, as well as bruises everywhere on his body.