Man Dies and Two Friends Go into Coma After Taking Dental Medication

A man succumbed to internal injuries leading to his death while his friends went into medically facilitated comas, while on a trip to Turkey “to get their teeth whitened on the cheap”. Richard Molloy, a 33-year-old Northern Irish DJ had given in to his fatal internal injuries and died on early Sunday.

His two other friends have apparently survived the journey. Aaron Callaghan and Declan Carson were medically inculcated to go into a coma. On Wednesday, Callaghan informed his friends and acquaintances that both him and Carson were “safe and back up on our feet”. Both the friends are absolutely devastated at the sudden demise of their friend, naming him as the “absolute gentleman”.

The exact cause of the death is unknown but the investigators have cited the “mixing of drugs and alcohol” related to the tragedy. Officers from investigative authorities are attempting to trace the dentist who had prescribed the medication to the trio. One source claimed, “they were given premeds for their dental treatment and told not to drink alcohol. No one knows what happened after that”.

Several leads and links related to the case led to the arrest of two men. Turkey has emerged to be one of the most popular destinations for dental tourism, with an average reported 700,000 visitors every year. Molloy’s family have arrived at Turkey and will take his body back to Northern Ireland. John Finucane, the North Belfast MP conveyed his condolences to the family of the deceased and expressed his grief over this “heartbreaking” incident.

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