A man got busted for breaking into the home of Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and left behind photos and paperwork about his mother who passed away in a state-run nursing facility, said the police.

The 59 year old Lane Forman entered his home in Swampscott by an unlocked door mid day on October 7and left after him an envelope.

When he was spotted leaving by a trooper, he questioned him and he replied saying, “Don’t f–k with me. Charlie told me to drop this off” and then went away.

On Oct 8 he claimed that he had entered Baker’s house twice before with permission from the State Police and Baker himself, suggested the reports.

He said that his only intention was to leave the envelope with paperwork and images of his mother’s death and her care at the nursing home. He said, “I dropped by his house a copy of the pictures of what happened to my mother and a police report,” Forman said. “And I slid it in the side door, just like I did last time. I never entered the house.”

According to the reports, the man claims that Baker was “dear friends” with his friends and that he “personally” knows the governor. He has been charged with one count of breaking and entering to commit a misdemeanor and his bail was set at $5,000. He pleaded to be not guilty.

The judge has ordered to keep him away from the governor and his family and requested a competency evaluation.

His attorney claims that Forman “was merely dropping off some innocuous documents and photographs that he thought would be of interest to the governor and had no ill intent. We are confident when all the facts are presented in court, this matter will be resolved.”