Man Attempts to Hijack Bus Full of 40 Children to Take Them to ‘Jesus,’ But Driver Fights Back

On Monday, students from Reagan Elementary School in Fresno, California were returning from a trip to a science camp when their bus made a stop at a gas station.

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, two students got off to use the restroom, escorted by teachers.

About 40 students were still on board when a homeless man, 47-year-old Christopher Martinez, made his way onto the bus.

The man, who police said likely has mental issues, shouted that he wanted “to go to the mission … Jesus is coming!” He planned to take the children with him.

Fresno police spokesman Mark Hudson said Martinez grabbed the bus driver and told her:

“I’m taking over the bus. Get out of your seat. I need to take the bus to San Gabriel Mission.”

The driver was pulled from her seat but managed to snatch the keys out of the ignition. That set off an alarm and flashing lights.

She said that the bus wouldn’t move and yelled for him to get off. According to police, Martinez paced down the bus aisle but didn’t harm any of the children.

Thankfully, one of the teachers who got off the bus returned with a gas station clerk. The clerk calmly asked the 47-year-old to get off the bus and he listened.

By then, police had arrived at the scene, according to ABC 30.

Martinez was arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted carjacking. He is currently being held at Fresno County Jail.

As of now, it’s unclear why the 47-year-old wanted to bring the bus full of students to the church.

Watch the video below: