Federal authorities have charged a Maryland man “upset at the political situation” with attempting to abduct “Grandpa Biden” and rape his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, and then murder them both, according to a Wednesday article.

On Oct. 4, the Baltimore Sun reported, James Dale Reed, 42, reportedly dropped a letter describing the attacks on the doorstep of a home with Biden / Harris campaign signs in Frederick.

We have a list of homes and addresses with signs for your voting. We are the ones with those terrifying weapons, we are the ones for which your children have nightmares. The Boogeymen are arriving at night,’ wrote Reed, according to court papers.

He was seen leaving the house by a surveillance camera. 

As interviewed after being picked up by local police last week, Reed confessed to writing the letter.

He was being held without bond.

Prosecutors said he didn’t meet the homeowner and decided to leave the letter with campaign posters for former Vice President Joe Biden at the first home he went to in his hometown.

He told investigators he was “upset with the political situation” and clarified that “this is going to happen … because of the political climate.”

The U.S. Maryland Attorney Robert Hur has said that he takes those risks very seriously.

Such behavior, which challenges major candidates and fellow people, further destroys our society and the ideals upon which America was founded. They would not accept threatening actions directed at bullying, abusing, or deterring Americans from exercising their right to vote, he said in a tweet.

The event came just weeks after the feds broke up attempts by paramilitary groups to abduct Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.