LOUISIANA: A woman who was out on bond awaiting trial for a murder charge is back in jail and her attorney now claims that the “Stand Your Ground” law should apply in her case, says police.

The woman who has been identified as Kayla Giles was arrested in Alexandria, Louisiana, in 2018 after she allegedly shot her husband in the chest in front of their 2-year-old child and her two stepchildren at a Walmart parking lot.

The toddler was on her way to celebrate her 2nd birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese when her mother, Giles, allegedly shot 30-year-old Thomas Coutee Jr. during what was meant to be a routine custody exchange.

Coutee died at the scene itself, according to officials. Court records indicate that at the time of his death, Coutee had filed a permanent protective order against Giles, and Giles had one against him as well. As per court records, their relationship was filled with a “history of domestic abuse.”

Prior to his death, Coutee filed a complaint on May 28th, claiming that Gile slapped him when “they were exchanging custody of their kids.” A deputy who responded to the scene noted that he observed “redness on the left side of his jawline, below his left ear.”

Giles was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Her bond was initially set at $1 million but eventually, reduced to $500,000. Giles was subsequently released from jail on bond and ordered to wear an ankle monitoring device. 

In connection with the recent murder charge, Giles’ defense lawyer, George Higgins, filed a 12-page motion in court this week that argued, in part, that Giles was “acting to prevent an unlawful entry into her motor vehicle and she reasonably believed that use of deadly force was necessary at that time.” Higgins also argued that Giles’ criminal history, unless it pertained to the murder charge, should not be admissible during the trial.

On Monday, Giles was arrested once again and charged with criminal conspiracy, identity theft, government benefits fraud, and money laundering. The state is now pushing a second motion to revoke Giles’ bond in connection with the murder case as well.“Giles has repeatedly demonstrated an inability to follow orders of this court and to refrain from criminal conduct while on bond,” the state claimed. The state also asked for an expedited hearing for the bond revocation request. Judge Ninth Judicial District Court Judge Greg Beard set the hearing for November 9.