In 1995, Her Mom Left Her In The Garbage. 20 Years Later, A Reporter Asks Her To…

Back in 1995, the month of October, there was a construction worker that saved the life of a newborn baby girl. It was left in the garbage to die. 20 years after this event the girl had the chance to meet her savior in person.

Gerald Rocky Hyatt was the man who saved her. He went to drop off a load of trash when he found her wrapped in a towel, put into a trash bag, and left there all alone, he took her to the hospital and soon her story became known in Chicago.

The baby was adopted and was given name Morgan Hill. She lived a happy life with her parents. She was told about what happened when she was little and read some articles from newspapers from 1995. According to Megan, Gerald is her ‘guardian angel’, but she never had the chance to meet him.

The reporters from KHSB tracked down Gerald and wanted to make an emotional reunion with Morgan and surprise her. She was overwhelmed with emotion when she turned around while she was interviewed. Gerald was walking towards her. They greeted with a passionate hug and with tears in their eyes. She thanked him.

This was used to send a message to all women in the world saying that there is much more to do than just throwing your baby away.

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