How Quickly Can You Spot The Odd Number Out? Not Many Can Do It Under 5 Seconds!

How Quickly Can You Spot The Odd Number Out? Not Many Can Do It Under 5 Seconds!

Optical illusions sharpen your vision and train your skills, providing a mind-blowing workout for your brain.

Optical illusions are a nice way to test your visual performance and we have the best challenge for you. All you have to do is find the odd number in each of the following pictures.

Find the odd one out

Go through the following visual tests and do your best to find the odd number out. Yes, they all look the same, but there’s “a mistake” in each visual test.

Optical illusion - Find the hidden number

Did you find it? Well, your visual perception is impeccable. Finish them all before you start bragging about your success.

Optical illusion - Find the hidden number

Optical illusions and visual perception

Your vision is a complex process that relies on multiple systems. It’s the final “product” of the system including your eyes and brain. It analyzes the light waves and objects in your visual field, takes the needed information, and helps you make sense of the whole picture.

Your perception is actually your brain’s way to fill in the gaps. It helps you recognize an object when it’s partially blurred. Brain studies are wrapped in mystery and scientists have long tried to solve this puzzle. Optical illusions are a unique way of understanding our perceptions.

Find the number that doesn't belong here

Optical illusions are usually a result of the process that develops in your cortex. Well, some illusions start in the retina of your eye.

The perception of the optical illusion relies on several factors

  • Context
  • Lighting
  • Texture gradients
  • Atmospheric perspective
  • Interposition
  • Object size
  • Parallax movement
  • Linear perspective

Optical illusion helps you understand the connection between your eyes and brain. It’s a fun way to waste your free time!

Optical illusions are great for your brain

Optical illusions improve mental agility and provide great benefits for your brain.

Optical illusion - Find the hidden number

1. Visual literacy

It’s related to your ability to interpret visual information. Your brain is wired to use visual cues to understand the picture. So, when you open a boiling pot, you expect to see hot steam filling the kitchen. Optical illusions test the ability of your brain.

Optical illusion - Find the hidden number

2. Better ability to interpret complex images

Optical illusions rely on images you can interpret in many different ways. Remember the two faces, one vase image? The old/young lady?

Work on your brain and sharpen your skills. You can do puzzles, exercises, meditation, or a brand new skill. Optical illusions are actually a good warm-up.

One number doesn't belong here