Hotel Guest Decides To Turn In For The Night, And Found A Note Tucked Between Bed Sheets

A man turning in for the night at The Courtyard Marriot found a note left by the last person staying in the very same room. It warned him that the hotel staff working there are incredibly lazy – they do not have a habit of changing bed sheets! Disgusted and horrified, the man decided to check if it is so – unfortunately, the note was right, the bed was still dirty!

To avoid the same situation, beware of these other 3 things that might reside in your hotel room:

Ice Buckets: Hotel guests frequently use them as VOMIT buckets – furthermore, the hotel staff do nothing else but to simply rinse the residue out and put it back! Gross!

Bed Bugs: These pests are a huge issue – check the mattresses, tables, and even your luggage racks as soon as you arrive. Bed Bugs love dark and dusty places.

Bath Tubs: Forget a bubble bath – tubs in hotel rooms are usually breeding grounds for unwanted micro-organisms, ranging from bacteria to viruses, and even fungi! Pipes and edges of the bath tub are often neglected by hotel staff.